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Back to the grind…

Och well,

It had to happen.

The wonders of WAB II had to come to an end. An end to all that stomping. But we will always have ‘ROCK!’.

Yesterday was a day spent entirely in meetings. From one meeting to another. My head was hurting from all the talking. Talk. Talk. Talk. My throat was dry from all that talking.

You can see where this is going can’t you?


Yes, off to the pub I went with Vicki. We wandered down to the Old Monk;, as Vicki was picking up photo’s from just around the corner…… Do people still do that? I thought everyone uses a digital camera now???

A few glasses of Rose Wine, Tim turns up around 8pm, Vicki shoots off home, an we head up to ‘56‘;, for a meal, washed down with some wine then off home!

And that my friends was Monday. Nothing really exciting. Just the average day.


Today was actually a mirical! No meetings at all today! Hoorah. Hoorah. Hoorah! Which meant I could actually sit at my desk and work.

But tonight will be different. I’m meeting up with Joe & Jim (2 Scottish guys – well Glaswegians…… it’s a different kind of ‘Scot’). Ah Glasgow, the land of the great unwashed……

So, come 6pm I will be sitting in the ‘Cro Bar’;, waiting for Jim & Joe to turn up. It’s an interesting wee bar the CroBar. One review describes it as;

“In a low-ceilinged cabin-like setting not unlike Beavis and Butthead’s bedroom, this unreconstructed rock bar round the corner from the Borderline and the Astoria provides a suitable pre-gig fuel stop. Bourbons are a speciality, breeds of Wild Turkey (1855 Reserve, Russell’s Reserve, Kentucky Spirit) and JD (Single Barrel, Green Label) complementing labels you couldn’t make up: Elmer T Lee, Bulleit Frontier Whiskey and the like. Beers are standard and by the bottle, shooters and cocktails (Lost Bikini, Demon Cleaner) come by the bucket or glass. Thereafter friendly banter turns into bizarre and long-winded anecdotes, such as the one on this particular night about a guy setting his hair on fire in Finland. Sample toilet graffiti: ‘Your mother is my dad’. All good, clean fun.

I did try and warn Jim & Joe that it’s a ‘ROCK’ bar……. Somehow I think we’ll be having just the ‘one’ in there and then move on rather swiftly 😉

Turra for now!


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One thought on “Back to the grind…

  1. Anonymous on said:

    you are weak!!!! what happened to the no drinking on a weekday rule!!! i am the only one who’s noticed this failing in your plan to not drink during the week??? youth of today, no committment!!!felicity x

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