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It’s sooooo hot – part II

Well, after the Wheel barrow race getting up was a bit of a problem! Not to worry, James was on hand to help Nishi up from the ground after all that excersion.

But there was more to come! There was the joys of the Three Legged race with Nishi and James being tied together and being forced to run a long, long distance – again – it’s the taking part that counts. Not the winning! Which is just as well, cause at this rate with zero wins so far…….. hehehe

And finally, the sack race. By this point James was close to collapsing – he should have known better than to get one over on Nishi!

Again, winning isn’t everything!

After all of that excersion, a well deserved drink or three was required to replenish lost fluids after sitting in the sun all day long drinking Pimms and yelling at the teams taking part.

Eventually caught the train back to Waterloo, and headed to a tapas bar (yeah! Finally got my tapas!!!) in Waterloo called Meson Don Felipe; as usual ordered way to much, but it was soooooo delicious!

Got home late, and I could swear that it was actually getting hotter! I kept my window open and tried to get some sleep but it was just way too hot and humid. Spent the night tossing and turning in by bed, throwing all the covers off, trying to keep cool – but to no avail. Thunder and lighting in the small hours of the morning, but it never really did anything and the heat and humidty just keep on building……

Woke up yet again feeling all hot and sticky from the heat. Am having a quite day to day, putting the washing on, sorting out my Ipod, updating my Blog. If I’m feeling up for it, I may treat myself to a Pizza from my favourite pizza place ‘La Barca’ later on.

I know, I know, it’s the weekend, why am I being boring and staying in the house? Because;
1. It’s too damm hot. I can’t be bothered going out.
2. I’m knackered from this week’s activities!
3. Tomorrow I’m going to the Stella Artois Film Festival in Greenwich with Teresa & Felicity. So I’m resting today and charging up my batteries for tomorrow.
4. It’s too damm hot!

Cheerio of now!


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