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Comedy in the heat

Och, it’s not long after midnight and my room is swealtering.

It was another un-remarkable day in the office today, same old same old ‘natural’ air conditioning. Hmmmm….. that’s why I was on my 5th bottle of water and still sweating like I’ve just spent 5hrs moshing away to rock and metal.

One of ray of light though, Sunil suggested that we head down to Canary Wharf (yes the place with all the big buildings) otherwise known as ‘Torchwood Towers’ – although I couldn’t quite see any Daleks or Cybermen…….

Glen and I headed down to a pub on the Wharf to meet Cameron, and yes I was still sticking to no beer on a week day, with me on the grapefruit and lemonade with Glen enjoying a nice cold Kronenberg. Cameron turned up later , and I had another sparking water.

After which, we strolled up to Canada Sq for the Open Air Comedy Night, meeting up with Sunil and his wife Sabina. comedian, singer, songwriter and winner of the Time Out Comedy Award, Richard Morton will be your master of ceremonies for this special edition of the Canary Wharf Comedy Club. Outdoors for the first time, expect the same top-notch laughs that sell-out Cabot Hall. Featuring Terry Alderton, Michael McIntyre, Adam Bloom, and the brilliant Adam Hills. “

When we finally found Sunil & Sabina – as you can tell by the photo, loads of people sitting on a square of grass, kinda difficult to spot people! We sat down, had a picnic of cheese, dips, breads etc. Very tasty as there was a Waitrose across the road to beef up our supplies! And well, this can be classed as a ‘special event’ so I had a couple of cans of Pimms and lemonade.

I must say for a free event, it was bloody good. Lots of laughs, and even the Australian comedian was funny….

After spending most of Sunday sitting on my arse on the grass in Greenwich, my back didn’t take to kindly to sitting on the hard grass again for another three hours – so inbetween sets I had a nice lie down staring up at the fluffy little clouds (if only there were some!) and at the big tall buildings.

So, here I am, back home courtesty of TfL’s bus service, in bed, in the heat, listening to Planet Rock on my DAB Radio.

Time for sleep I think!

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