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It looks like it’s a quiet one this weekend…..

So, where did I get to on the last blog???

Oh yeah, up to Thursday! Well I guess I should fill you in on what’s happened today and yesterday.

It was a quieter day at work…. the place was practically empty with it being August Bank Holiday weekend. Dorian was back at work, and we had a wee meeting to catch up on things and then onto lunch!

Where we sat down with Vicki, Glen and Giles to not a really appetising meal, but plenty of banter!
Then a suprise! I receive a text from Euan, he was in Soho with his cousin and did I fancy meeting up with him for a beer??
Did I?
Did I?
Ohhhhhhh. Yes. The office was empty, and it was a dead, dead day.
I headed down to the Old Monk, and Euan turned up with his cousin Kirsty.

Then Nishi & James turned up….

and to really get the party going, Tim turned up!!

and so the banter flowed……..

Until, Tim and I had to depart as we had tickets to the open air theatre at Regents park to see ‘A Mid Summer’s Night Dream’. Shakespere darling! Shakespere!

Which was just brilliant…. I will be the first to admit that I struggle with the surreal at times, and this play is certainly surreal in some parts – and where did the bald faries come into it? But I have to say, that I did enjoy it. I think so far, the ‘Twelth Night’, has to have been the best one I’ve seen so far, but this was still good. I think Tim prefered this one better than the last one…… After the play finished, it was a case of walking out the park and hailing a cab for home – which is just as well, because the heavens opened up and it was lashing it down!

I was woken up at 10am by my mum phoning me up to thank me for the luxury chocolates that I had delivered for her birthday!

After the birthday phonecall, it was time for me to slowly waken up and head up to the post office to pick up a parcel that had been delivered. Nothing really exciting – just a memory card for my new shiny phone – woohoo – 1Gb of memory for my shiny phone. Just think of all the extra photo’s I can take!
So, it’s getting near lunchtime and I head back down to Church St from the Post Office and am in search for brunch.
Ahhhhhh… Mexican style I think – I’m just in the mood for mexican
I go to Mecado;, and treat myself to Enchillada’s Verdes, an orange juice and settle down to read the paper just watchin life wander by.

After that, I nip across to Fresh & Wild;

and stock up on some food for the weekend. Fresh and Wild is a bizarre place, full of middle class media types eating nothing but organic, organic, organic, organic.
Will it rub off on me?
I doubt it…… but it will do for now!
I get back home, and have three choices;
  • Tidy my room
  • Fix the shower
  • Sort through my mail
Suprisingly enough, I choose none of the options above and decide it’s about time I start to build my Family Tree. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while – and a bank holiday weekend is probably the best time to start something like this!
It’s amazing how little I know about my larger family, so I decided to start building it and I seem to have gotten as far as I can with about 78 relations – I’m struggling with Names, dates of birth, places of birth etc etc. But, have gotten everything written down, well not really written – I’m using this genelogy software to build the tree – so I’ve saved the file and sent it up North to Mum and Dad to get them to print it out, paste it together and pick the brains of all my living relatives to see how much we can complete the tree!
When it’s finished I may even put it up on my blog for you all to see!
So, it’s now 8pm and I reckon I’m going to open up a bottle of a nice red french wine and nip out to La Barca and treat myself to pizza and settle down to some mindless telly.
Oh yeah.
Living it up big time on a Saturday night.
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One thought on “It looks like it’s a quiet one this weekend…..

  1. kramnostam on said:

    That mexican looks like cow’s excrement!

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