Baskers World

Day 1


1st day back at work after nearly three weeks off of work. Oh joy of joys. It’s over 30 degrees, traveling on the tube & bus is just sooooooooo yuk. I’d went out the night before with a couple of mates for some beers up on Church Street….. hmmm, a few beers in the Old Lion, then onwards to a restuarant for some much needed food which was washed down with a couple of bottles of wine, before moving onto the Auld Shillelagh – a fantastic wee irish pub that doesn’t half pour a decent pint of guinness

Result? = hangover

Just what you need on one of the hottest days of the year and you’ve got to spend the next hour on the over crowded bus and tube! So, with emergency supplies of nurophen & water off I went.
I log onto my PC at work to find that I’ve only got 159 e-mails to go through before yet another week of meetings. *sigh*

Some how in all of this I make the irrational decision that perhaps now being 30 and have spent the last 10 years living it up big Student style with the beers – that maybe I should calm it down! So, I’ve come to the decision that beer should only be consumed at the weekend… Friday/Saturday/Sunday – which leaves Monday to Thursday as beer free days, of course with beer being permitted on special occasions.

Plus in a vain attempt to at least try to be a bit healthier I’m also thinking that I should also cut out fizzy drinks – does sparkling water count?

Interesting experiment I dare say. Let’s see how it goes.

After finishing work today, I met up with Kate down in the cruddy bar in the soaring heat. Kate’s got a nice cold pint of lager sitting there, with the condensation running down the side of the pint glass, the little lager bubbles floating to the top of the pint with it’s smooth creamy head….. well my friends, that was tough. I walked up to the bar and ordered a nice cold fresh orange with lemonade.
What was even tougher was sitting down with the juice next to Kate as she was pissing herself laughing! So there’s the proof. And no, there was no vodka or gin in the juice – this was pure un-adultarated alcohol free liquid.

So, here’s to hopefully a slightly healthier me… although after finally getting off the bus, wilting in the heat and dying from starvation from the crummy beef and mustard sandwich that I had 8hrs before, I treated myself to a nice Chicken Shish kebab with garlic mayo – well it’s grilled chicken, and its got salad – healthy right? and it was washed down with a bottle of water – not a fizzy drink – that’s gotta be healthy!!

Cheerio for now!


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