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Day 2 of no beer


it’s hot, it’s sweaty on the bus, on the tube, in work, walking down to the pub. Uhm…. did I say pub? Yes I did, go down to the pub, to meet up with Kate and Nishi and sat there with a sparkling water!

So, it was a fairly usual day at work although it was half empty as the majority of them are at the Treasury Sports day. I’ve avoided that one, but will be going to the DfT/DCLG sports day on Friday.

I met up with Felicity later and we went to 56 on Newington Green for a lovely wee meal, washed down with a couple of bottles of sparkling water, l before wandering back down the road fully stuffed!

It’s time to go to bed, and try and get some sleep inbetween sweating like hell in this unforgiven heat, and listening to some nutter going up and down the street outside on his god damm scooter.


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One thought on “Day 2 of no beer

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Ahh Baskers, what a life you lead. I shall enjoy keeping up to date with your antics.Can we have some before and after shots so that we can see if your health drive works out?

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