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Where the hell are those thunder storms?


What did I get up to yesterday?

After the still heat of the night, it was the usual routine in the morning, radio, shower, commute into work with one exception……. the news said that we were going to experience thunderstorms yesterday afternoon/evening!

Hoorah! Yipee! Fantastic! Just what I want, a few good heavy thunderstorms to clear the air, get rid of the humidty, get back to a ‘normal heat’. Armed with this knowledge it made the commute into work a little more bearable. So, I set about getting stuff done at work eagerly waiting for the ominus darkening of the sky above and the first glorious thunderclap, to which I was going to run out of the office into St James park and bask in the beautiful cold, heavy rain……

And I wait. And wait. And wait…….. the only loud noise I heard that afternoon was our fire alarm going off and we all had to evacuate the building. Standing around in St James park in the baking heat like a spare bunch of lemons I join the boys in the cafe in the park; . I did ask them to get me a nice, cold lager but they got me an Chegworth Apple & Rhubarb juice; making sure that I stick to the ‘no alcohol on a weekday rule’. How nice of them…….

We wander back to the office, it’s still hot and I swear that it’s even hotter inside. How can a building get hotter when there are no people in it??? I’m beginning to think that perhaps this heatwave is a government conspiracy. I’m really pissed of now and very cranky with the heat.

A shining ray of light appears in my day when Anna suggests that instead of going to the gym – now relax, I have not nor have I ever gone to a gym, Anna’s the bizzare health freak here, not me! – that we should do cocktails instead! Excellent idea! I decide swap Friday for Thursday on the alcohol ban and everything is now kosha.

We hop on the No. 24 bus and head straight to the Revolution Bar ; only to find that it’s shut for a ‘private party’! In all the times I’ve been there this is a first for me! So we then wander down Wardour St and head to the Intrepid Fox to re live our Rock/Goth days. Easy, swap cocktails for ‘Rock’.

Or so I thought…… How was I to know that in the midst of this un-bearable heat and humidty so thick you can almost put a knife through it that there was a power cut in Soho. No power in the pub = no cold beer or draught beer. I settle for a warm bottle of bud, sitting in what has to be the hottest pub in London. It’s so hot that there is more ‘condensation/sweat’ on me than there is on the bottle of beer! Cameron comes and joins us and we make a fast exit to another bar that does have power and air conditioning and more importantly, cocktails!!!!!

Several cocktails later, and another trip to ‘rock’ Garlic & Shots pub; . Cameron still had his tie on from work and was asked to remove his tie as ‘It isn’t that sort of pub mate’. More warm beer was consumed before we headed to another bar for more cocktails – this time I had ‘An un-comfortable screw’ cocktail, and since it was Cameron’s round, he had to go up to the bar and ask the barman for an uncomfortable screw…….


I am evil at times.

After that, we decided that we actually needed some nutrition that wasn’t alcohol based and wandered up onto Dean Street to go to one of my favourite eating places Nusa Dua; for a fab meal washed down with a couple of bottles of white wine.

We depart our seperate ways, I jump onto the No. 73 bus and head home for another hot, sticky restless night. I did hope that perhaps there would be some thunderstorms overnight, but when I awoke this morning….. well, you know the story by now.


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