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Uhm, confession time……


I hadn’t realised how popular my blog had become! I’ve kinda been busy these last few days and hadn’t gotten round to updating the blog, only to find a deluge of text’s and e-mails demanding to get the latest instalment.

And people thought I was sad in keeping a blog……… 😉

Okay, so what have I been up to? Uhm, I guess it’s confession time – and they say confession is good for the soul……, so read on.

In my last blog, I’d mentioned that I was going to swap Friday for Thursday on the ‘No alcohol on a weekday rule’. Uhm yeah…. that was the intention. Honest guv. Honest……

After an average day, in the sticky, sticky, unforgiven heat. Vicki and I wander over to The Cardinal; for a quick drink. For those of you that don’t know, the Cardinal is a Samuel Smiths pub. Basically you aren’t going to get any brand drinks there, it’s all their own brand beer, spirts and even soft drinks.

Now, normally I would be on the grapefruit juice and lemonade but I just couldn’t face drinking their own brand soft drink. It’s like drinking wall paper paste. I just couldn’t. I just couldn’t face it. So, I have a lager instead.

Tim now turns up with the rest of his team from and we then decide to head off to the Pimlico Wine Vaults; and consumed a few bottles of red wine with some tapas for nutrition. Someone decides that we should head off to Soho and find a late night bar/club… who comes up with these ideas? Certainly not me! So, off we troop to Soho and this is where it kinda get’s a wee bit hazy for me.

I can recall wandering somewhere up on Wardour street, losing all the guys. Tim trying to phone me and my phone battery runs flat. I manage to find them again, only to find that Tim wasn’t being allowed in the club (apparently drunk and argumentative was the reason given………).


Tim storms off in a mood, I go after him only to trip up and crash down to the ground on my knee like a sack of potatoes.


I find a cab and hobble home.

I wake up. Hungover like hell. This hurts. I go to get out of bed and have forgotten about falling on my knee the night before.

Ooooooooooowwwwwwwwww. My knee is all sore and bruised. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Nurophen, Diet Coke and more sleep is what’s required. But no, I can’t go back to sleep as I’m waiting on some wine to be delivered by 12pm. So I lie back in bed, wait for the pain killers to kick in and listen to the radio. And wait.

And wait. And wait. No wine turned up.

This really taking the piss. How many times can you bugger up a wine delivery??? Grrrrrrr.

I spend the rest of the day, sorting out by old hard-drive and moving files across to my new hard-drive. This would normally be an easy task, but since the old hard-drive is playing up I have to copy all 100Gb of files manually. It’s the sort of thing that you need to do hungover, otherwise your brain would implode with boredom and tedium of such a task.


Teresa phones up later asking if I fancied going to the pub. Uhm…… No way in hell. I feel like hell! But, Teresa comes over to the house anyway and Felicity, Teresa & I stay in and have an 80’s night, eating pizza & watching ‘Pretty in Pink’; – a classic.

The girls have red wine. I have pints of juice – recovery.


I wake up feeling a wee bit better today, but my knee still hurts. I jump in the shower, get ready and leave the house to head on down to the South Bank to meet up with my friend Naomi and her wee son Arron (10 weeks old) for lunch at12 pm at Giraffe; ; we have a fab lunch, Teresa turns up later and we go for a wee wander down the South Bank and pop into the Oxo tower gallery ; to have a look at their latest exhibition.

Now don’t be shocked, well, you probably will be shocked – there was me on the South Bank pushing a pram…….. that’s something you’ll probably never see again! Although I do think Naomi managed to get a couple of photos of me with the pram and feeding wee Arron. I wonder where they will turn up??

We wander on back to the Royal Festival hall to go sit in the shade and wait for John to come meet us after his work. It’s hot. We’ve been wandering for a while, and I thought, what the hell! A nice Rose or White wine would go down a treat.

Several bottles later, it’s after 9pm – it’s time for Naomi, John & Arron to head home. Teresa and I are starving, and decide to head to Waterloo looking for something to eat. I was in the mood for tapas, but with it being a Sunday night nearly everywhere was shut!! But luckily we found a wee italian place for some pizza.

Stagger home very tipsy on the bus…..



You would have thought I would have learnt by now.

Nurophen. Diet Coke. Sleep on Bus, drink water on Tube. Wander into the office.

Hmmmm, my workpass doesn’t work. I can tell this isn’t a good start to the day.

I forget that I’ve actually got to do a presentation that morning to the COINS user group. Ouch. This is a bad start to the day.

Presentation over, luckily not any questions for me. I crawl upstairs to my desk after ‘networking/lunch’ and begin to trawl through my e-mails. Finish a bit of drafting. Have a quick meeting with ONS & PSF – whilst all the while I’m slowly dying inside and want nothing more than to be back home sound asleep in my own bed.


It’s nearly 5pm.

That’s it. I’m beat. I give up! Home James!

Well not quite ‘Home James’. More sort of 1hr 20mins later after negotiating the journey home via public transport on the No. 24 bus, then the No. 10, then the No. 476 – and oh joy of joys, Road closures & Diversions! By this point, I’m on auto pilot – willing the bus to move faster and take me home.

Brain not working.

I finally jump off of the bus, pop into the Chinese for a red thai king prawn curry with rice and wander home. Stick a washing on, eat my tea and just chill for the rest of the night and update my blog!

God I’m tierd. Gotta go hang up my washing before I go to sleep, otherwise going to work tomorrow maybe rather interesting….

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  1. I have the photos!!!!!

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