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Pre Bernie warm-up


Yes, well yesterday was the ‘Pre-Bernie‘ warm-up before we all head down to Brighton on Friday for WABII (Weekend at Bernie’s, 2nd year running) . For those of you who don’t know Bernie, his real name is actually Richard, and we went down to his house in Brighton last year for a weekend of beers, sunburn, puggy machines and more importantly, DODGEMS!!!!

WABII fantastically coincides with Dorian’s wedding, which we have been invited to the evening reception at the Grand Hotel; .

Now, getting back to the ‘Pre-Bernie’ warm-up. This consisted of me, Kate, Cameron, Tim G, Tim K, Glen and of course the grand masonic master, the Bernard,

all meeting up down in Namco (, for Ten Pin Bowling (the Bernard won overall by scoring a turkey on his last shot!), Pool (I think this was really between Kate & Tim G), Dance-off, Camel Derby and most importantly, DODGEMS.

Now, Dodgems consists of ‘Getting Bernie’. The objective is to get Bernie at all costs. We have devised serveral methods of ‘getting Bernie‘; i.e

  • the Pincer movement
  • Hammer and Sickle
  • the Sledge Hammer

All of the above methods have a proven track record of either giving the Bernard severe whiplash, or by disabling his Dodgem car. Think of the film ‘The Running Man and you’ll get the picture. We were thinking of not letting Bernie actually get into a car, and he’d have to wear the ‘Running Man’ suite whilst we try and ‘Get Bernie’

Last nights missions was hilariously funny, in fact it was so funny that I fell out of my dodgem car in an hysterical fit of laughter and ended up bruising my back! The Bernard left soon after that as he was having a day doing the “Bernard stomp” around some hills somewhere….. and Tim G headed off as well as he was knackered from an all day meeting!

Glen, Tim, Cameron and I headed to Pizza Express for some food, then it was off home via the No. 341 bus and 476 bus…..


I got into work at the ungodly hour of 9am. I just don’t do mornings……

Meetings, meetings, meetings, but at least I got to nip out at lunchtime with Anna to head down to the Old Monk; to meet up with Tim, Kate & Graham to pick up my ticket for the cricket at the Oval ; the 17th August. England vs Pakistan.

A few Budvars later, it’s back to the office for more meetings, meetings, meetings….. I head off home on a slightly different route, No. 24 bus, then the No. 38, then No. 73.

I wander across the road to the neighbours to pick up my wine delivery. FINALLY!, cart it home and just chill out watching telly, then sleep!

Cheerio for now.

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