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It’s a quiet one this weekend

Hello there,

After my quiet day on Thursday it was back to work Friday. And what a Friday it was….. You know when you get one of those days that you just can’t concentrate, or seem to ‘get into’ the day….

Well I was having one of those. I’d replied to e-mails, finished a couple of things I was working on and it was only 11:45am…. Although Kieran was all bouncy and bubbly about work. I just don’t know where he get his enthusiasim from!. So, what next? I was in a funny mood and decided to send round an e-mail to the usual suspects and see if they are interested in going to the cruddy bar at 12:30pm for lunchtime beverage…..

And so I set off down to the Cruddy bar to meet up with Steve, Kate & Tim! A few Staropramen’s later, I pop into a sandwich bar and head back to the office.

It’s going to be a long afternoon…..

Nope, I still can’t get into the day. I finish my lunch, reply to another few e-mails and find a message from Steve.

Time to head back down to the Cruddy.

I meet up with Steve and Dan, Tim & Glen also turn up. After a while and whilst the majority of the group head off home there’s just me and Glen left, and we are hungry! Off to Spicy World ;, it is for poppadoms and Balti!

I hadn’t been to Spicy World for a long time, but I guess I used to go there quite often. Now how do I know this? Becuase when Glen and I were sitting down to our meal, one of the waiters came over to take our order and recognised me – asking how I was, and how come he hadn’t seen me in a long time! Jings, I think I’ve been working in London for a rather long time…..

The meal was lovely, we departed and went our seperate ways – I jumped onto the No 38 bus, then the No. 73 and off home!

I was determined to have a quiet one this weekend. I slept till 10am as I had ordered my messages on-line from Sainsburys to be delivered between 10-11am. Although they didn’t turn up till 11:15 – but hey, no problem as I got a £10 off voucher on my next delivery! So, armed with some fresh bread and fruit, I put a washing on and sit down with my laptop and spend the next 5hrs sorting out my library on my ipod. I did tell you that this was going to be a quiet weekend!

Felicity has headed out tonight on a ‘date’ in Oldstreet, and she’s got another one lined up tomorrow! Lucky girl 😉

So, it’s a quite night of watching Angel;, and trying out my French wine (Chateau Simon, 2003 (an excellent year for Bordeaux), from the Sauternes & Barsac region that I bought from Taste of London;

And that’s that I guess!

And my plans for tomorrow? Nothing much – sort out some paperwork, shower, maybe go to the movies….. well see where tomorrow takes me!


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