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Well, since my last blog I did eventually meet up with Jim & Joe in the CroBar. Even though I was on time, the boys were late – boys will be boys! Those guys are never on time, so I made sure that I was prepared with the Evening Standard to read whilst I waited for the guys to turn up.

They eventually turned up 30mins late! Mind you Tim didn’t turn up until nearer 7pm, but that didn’t stop us ordering the beers in!

A few beers later, (and I am amazed that the guys actually stayed in that pub – I thought they’d be running to the hills!), and we are getting a bit peckish! Tim, wanders off home, Jim, Joe & I wander up to Nusa Dua for a fantastic meal washed down with a couple bottles of wine. We leave the restuarant, and nip across the road to the Nellie Dean for a quick drink.

By this stage, I am feeling a wee bit tierd and decide to head home, much to the protest of Jim & Joe who want to keep on drinking! The guys head up to ‘The Couch’;, for ‘one for the road’ and we depart! I jump on the No.73 bus on Oxford Street and head straight home.



I wake up feeling a wee bit ‘delicate’, but nothing major. I wander into work, do a days work with meetings, writing, re-drafting etc, the usual stuff.

But wait, I decide to have some fun… I decide to start e-mailing Kieran (my boss) telling him that he’s supposed to be taking Anna & I out for cocktails! Oh he get’s sooo flustered! It’s fun!

I win, and we all head up to Soho to the Revolution Bar ;, for vodka cocktails. But before we got there, Kieran wanted to go into Foyles ;, and look for a couple of books on Crete since he was going there on holiday.

Now, most people when going somewhere abroad on holiday would normally buy a travel book?? That’s what you and probably would have done…. Where as Kieran is a little bit different. He buys ancient history books on Crete…… we were dragged up to the Ancient History floor – I can honestly say that I have never ever, ever been to the Ancient History floor. And now I know why.


I was fastly loosing the will to live until Anna spotted ‘Roman Sex’. God, those Romans where a filthy pervy bunch! After we escape, we resume our quest for Kieran to buy us several cocktails! Cameron arrives just in time for Kieran to get the drinks in – perfect timing!

Several Cocktails later…… Kieran’s girlfriend Vicky turns up and we have a couple of more drinks, before Vicky & Kieran shoot off and Cameron, Anna & I finish off our drinks. It’s 10:30pm and there’s time for another drink! I take Cameron & Anna to the ‘CroBar’, where I’d been the night before with Jim, Joe & Tim.

Unknown to them, this bar doesn’t shut till 3am 😉

Oh, I’m such a bad influence……

3 drinks later, it’s after midnight and Anna seems to be flagging…. looks like she won’t be lasting the night! We say our goodbyes and head off in our seperate directions off home.

I jump on the 73 and head home, get to the house and fall asleep.


Waking up is always such hard work…….

It was a quieter day in the office today, nothin much happened today except that I was tierd. I wonder why???? It got to 5pm and I’d just had enough – home James!

Jumping on the 24 bus, then the 73 bus I get home in 1hr, and wait for Felicity to turn up as we’d arranged to go to La Barca and treat ourselves to pizza, and Waynes World,, a most excellent movie dude.

Party time.



And that ladies and gentlemen is me all up to speed!

See you later.

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