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A whole world of pain…..

Well my fellow bloggers, blogeees or what ever you call people who read blogs!

Yes it’s been a while since I updated my blog, but you now have my fully fledged attention as I am stuck, stranded in my bed with a gammy ankle. If you want to know how I came to sprain my ankle, well I guess you will just have to read on!

Now, when was the last time I updated this thing?… Let’s take a quick look.


Jings, crivvens and help ma boab. It was the 2nd of September! And it’s now, what? the 12th. Uhm okay…. looks like I have a lot to fill you in on!

So here we go.

Sunday 3rd
I met up Glen down in the Virgin Megastore on Regent Street, and saw a god awful poster!

Yes, the ‘Hoff’ is in London on the 15th of Sept. Arrgggghhhhhhh!Is nowhere safe?? After we made our quick escape, we wandered onto Regent Street for the Spanish Festival. Now as festivals go, this was fairly pants. There wasn’t that much there apart from the odd food/beer stand and the rest of them where just handing out brochures etc. Hardely exciting, but here’s the most exciting things that I managed to see…..

I don’t do crowds, and this place was hoachin! So fled to sanctuary by a shop door way (Ted Baker), so that Glen could make a call…… only for the shops bouncer to tell us to move away because it was ‘un-professional’.

Oh, that’s like red rag to a bull for me.Now this is why I hate shopping, I hate Oxford Street/Regent Street.



I said a few choice words to the bouncer – it’s only a fucking shop! And then we departed for Mile End where Glen was going to take me to apparently the best pub in London – the Morgan Arms., although it wasn’t serving food, which is what we really needed!

So, we had a beer and waited for Cameron to turn up before we decide where to go for food! It didn’t take us long to choose ‘Matsu’,, a japanese place which I rather quiet enjoyed!

And you can see that Glen quite enjoyed his food as well! He wouldn’t even look up at the camera…… 😉

So that was my Sunday. Crap Festival, Good beer and good food!


So, it was back to work as normal. I had Paul my new contractor starting and had to show him around, getting his login ID all sorted out etc etc, and sort my own stuff out! I was dragged out at lunchtime by Tim up to Denmark Street…. I thought I was being dragged around guitar shops, but no! I was dragged into a slightly different music shop where Tim spent £399 on a MultiTrak Recording Studio MRS-1608,

We head back to our respective offices, and I have an afternoon of meetings before we meet up at his office and get a taxi back to my place with the 16 track!

At Tim was insistant on watch Daziel & Pascoe at 9pm, that didn’t leave much time for food, so we wandered a short 1min walk to the Londesborough;, for a quick bite to eat.

Okay, £9 for a burger is expensive – but woah – bloody nice burger and fat chips. I think I’ll go again at some point.


Off to work (with the 16 track still sitting in my room), it was day HR training for me. Hell.

  • I really loathe HR.
  • I really, really loathe HR.
  • A whole day of HR training.

I must have some really bad, bad karma to deserve this.

Need to escape. After a full day of HR waffle I wander down to the Feathers;

to meet up with the Morrish Monster for a few escapism beers

which were much needed! God, what a day. We had a few, then headed our seperate ways and I popped into the Chinese for some munchies before bed!


It was another long day at work and I had another interview to conduct at 4pm, which went quite well, but meant that I had a mound of paper work to do before I left the building to meet up again with Jim & Joe up in Soho!

I finally made it up there for 6:30, and in time to watch the second half of the Scotland vs Lithunaia game.

Joe and Jim were already there;

and as were Tommy and Norrie:

and then James turned up eventually!

Let see, 5 Glaswegians, 1 Dundonian…. it was almost the White Heather Club! But I’m not sure who was Andy Stewart! With Scotland winning, there was much beer consumed, and even more wine consumed when we headed across the road to Nusa Dua for food.


Och ma hied! Ouch.

It’s going to be yet another long day. I’m strugglin. I’m as about as useful as a cold cup of coffee

I just about manage to get through the rest of the day when I’m reminded that I’ve got Robert’s leaving drinks to goto in the lightwell area of Treasury at 4pm.


When will this madness end?

It would be rude not to…… afterall, he’s spent 18yrs there

So, it was more drinks, plenty of nibbles and Heather, Stuart & Nilesh and I head to Spicy World for a much needed indian.

After that, Stuart Nilesh and I pop into the pub opposite – ‘one for the road’ boys before we head our seperate ways home.


Oh thank god I had already arranged to be working from home in anticipation of my new shiny hi-fi arriving!

And that it did my fellow bloggers.

My new shinyness has arrived. It’s shiny. Oooooooeeee and I can plug my ipod into it as well.

Och, come on. You know I am a geek.

I set it up, and listened to my music at full blast…..

And that was my Friday really……

Saturday 09 Sept

Waking up on a Saturday without a hangover is a very, very surreal experiance! But, I had things to do on Saturday before I headed down to ‘Sarfth Lonodn’, for Naomi & John’s wedding celebrations.

And as it turned out, just as well I did get up early as I did a washing, had a shower all before Felicity and I headed up to Church street for brunch and margareta’s in Mecados

And after a wee dander along Church Street, being dragged into clothes/shoe shops by Felicity it was back home to pack a few things into my rucksack (as I’d arranged to crash at Naomi’s & John’s after the party), plus fit in the Airbed & pump for John’s relatives!

Christ that bag was heavy!

Kate & Matt had just arrived before me and we found seats to sit down and relax in and start attacking the buffet.

Chocolate fountain.

Need I say more?


We adults, were fighting the kids to get close to the chocolate fountain! More and more people arrived and we ended up sitting outside as it was so hot!

Naomi & John Nishi, Sarah & Andy

Kate & Matt Mike & Eloise

Kate, Matt & Tim Mike, Tim & Andy

Naomi & John cutting the cake, and with wee Arron

More pictures of that night can be found at:

It was a fab night, the was a wee band as well playing some easy listening tiunes and after they had finished there was some other music put on for us to also dance to.

Now this is were it all goes pear shaped for me!

There’s me on the dance floor, joogling away – nowt to strenous remember, this is me we are talking about!, when all of a sudden I feel a sharp crack in my left ankle.

woah – and I am welcomed into a whole new world of pain.


What’s this all about? Sore ankle. Ouch, walking is difficult. But then again, with all the wine consumed that night I didn’t think much about it and managed to hobble home to Naomi & John’s.

I slowly waken from my hangover slumber.

Where am I?

Oh yeah, Naomi & John’s house.

okay, head hurts a bit, but that’s to be expected after a wedding night. I gently turn over in the bed,

Ow! Ow! Ow!
Whole world of PAIN!

What the hell?

Then I remember hurting my ankle the night before…… I slowly peel back the covers to reveal a cricket ball for an ankle.

This isn’t good.

Naomi drives me to Lewisham hospital to get it checked out. Sunday morning in the A& E waiting room in Lewisham hospital. Oh this is such is good fun. I’m sitting rather painfully with Saturday night’s nutter casualties…..

The doctors sends me for an x-ray, cause my ankle is so swollen to rule out any broken bones. I’m very lucky, nothing is broken it’s just a bad sprain.

Yeah, like I hadn’t figured that one out Sherlock!

I’m told to keep my leg elevated for a few days to help reduce the swelling – which should completely dissappear in 10-12 days, but as for the pain and getting full mobility back, he happily tells me it will be another 6-8 weeks!

Why is he happy?

Okay, so it ain’t broken, but 6-8 weeks of this??? I’ve got Blackpool at the end of the month, and Kerry in Ireland mid October!

I get a lift back to the station, pull into London Bridge and jump….. haha… more like hop/hobble into a cab to take me home. I can barely walk, let alone face the trials of public transport!

I spend the rest of Sunday evening filling up on painkillers with my leg elevated. Knowing that there’s no way in hell that I’m going to make it into work for the next few days in this state I order messages on-line from Waitrose for delivery tomorrow.

I aim to suffer in style! Although, not getting a lot of sleep cause I kept walking up as my ankle was throbbing is my idea of style!

And here we are, still in this world of pain.

I can’t walk, I can just about manage to stand up but can’t put any weight onto my left leg – unless I want to be blinded by a world of pain….. and as for stairs, well they are just out of the question!

I’m popping painkillers like there’s no tomorrow – and well, I don’t recall most of yesterday afternoon – it kinda went by in a bit of a haze.

Tim popped in about 8:30, and we got an indian delivered – watched TV and then fell asleep. Well I fell asleep for a little bit… and kept waking up with my ankle throbbing. Even trying to keep it elevated whilst sleeping is proving difficult.

I’m still in that world of pain, and didn’t get a great nights sleep.

Although, I am trying to cut down on the painkillers, I hate feeling that groggy. I think the swelling is beginning to go down, but the pain isn’t. But I can manage to put a little weight onto my left foot, but only for about 10secs then it’s the whole pain thing again.

Hmmm, it is interesting though, as the swelling is going down a little bit, I am beginning to see all these wonderfull colours on my ankle, green, yellow, blue, purple – ooooee bruising! I thought when the bruising came out the pain is supposed to lessen???

I think I need to up the painkillers again and welcome the hazey days….

God I’m soooo bored of daytime TV.

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