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Okay, Okay – I’ve let the blog slip a wee bit….

Hi there,

Yes it’s been a while, but to be honest, laid up in bed with a gammy ankle meant that I didn’t really get up to much so there wasn’t really anything to write about.

So since my last post last Tuesday, I stayed home for the rest of the week resting up. By the Thursday I was going stir crazy being stuck in the house and decided to brave the pain and hobble to the pub around the corner from the house, with Felicity just to get out of the house.

Now normally it takes 1 minute to get there….

It took me 5mins.

But hey ho, it was a start!

On the Friday, Tim suggested that we meet up in 56 for a meal, so I managed to hobble to the bus stop and catch the bus (only 1 stop!), and hobble the rest to Newington Green. The meal was lovely, but my ankle was really hurting after that short burst of excercise so it was back off home! Saturday, was spent in the house not getting up to much but I managed to sort out some stuff around the house.

I spent most of Sunday pottering about the house, until at 7:30pm I hear Felicity drunkenly shouting outside demanding I come out to the pub! It’s a hard offer to refuse as I’d been stuck in the house for so long


So, off I hobbled to the Shakey with a rather tipsy Felicity!

Mark and Amber also happened to be in Shakey and joined us for a few drinks.

As the night wore on, the drunken hunger pangs kicked in and Felicity demanded feeding! So off I hobbled next door to the pizza place and ordered a couple of pizza’s which the delivered to the pub 10mins later!

I had ordered a Funghi pizza with an extra topping of spicy beef, although that’s not what I quite got……….. they had run out of mushroom, so decided to give me extra, extra, extra spicy beef….

hmmmm….. interesting. But what the hell, I was also hungry so down it went. I was absoutly stuffed and couldn’t manage the last piece. But not to fear! Felicity was here, and still with the drunken hunger pangs after wolfing down her pizza kapour! Only trouble is, is that I had a meat pizza, and Felicity doesn’t eat meat.

Now normally, a sober vegetarian wouldn’t touch meat – but add alcohol into the equation and you have Felicity picking all the meat off and wolfing down the rest of my pizza!

ahhh……… gotta love those moments!

So, 1st day back at work and I look like I’m auditioning for a part in a pirate movie with my hobbling around central London!

Oh boy, I’m in pain. This is the furtherst I’ve traveled for a whole week and it’s hard work. Very hard work. My other leg is hurting with the strain of taking all the weight, and jings, those stairs are a killer!

I work through my pile of e-mails that have accumulated over the previous week, and hobble back home, very, very tierd.!

Oh joy.

It’s the same hobbling journey into work – but I seem to be managing it a bit better. It’s the stairs that are the real killer. And back into meeting, after meeting, after meeting! I’m glad when the day is finally over and I head up to the Crown & Sceptre to meet up with Tim as he’d been at IE all day.

Not a bad pub, as it has Leffe on tap! What I didn’t realise that it was the actually an IE drinks night out.

You can guess what happened next……… pints of Leffe flowed…..

and the drunken hunger pangs kicked in and we all headed off to Gaylords for a curry….. oh joy! I think, Mark, me and Tim where the last to leave the curry house…….

Oh boy.


Well, at least the hangover is helping to detract from the ankle pain…….

It’s going to be a long, long, day.

More meetings happen, during that day and it’s very, very difficult to stay awake! Oh a hair of the dog is sooooooooooooo required.

I head down to the Feathers with Steve & Paul (the 2 new contractors that I hired), for a few hair of the dogs before I hobble back home.

Oh my god!! You are not going to believe this!

A whole day without any meetings scheduled?? What’s happened to the world? Can this be true? Am I really meeting free? For the whole entire day????


I was actually able to get some work done! It’s a new experience.


Wait a minute! Why am I celebrating getting work done??? I must be very, very disturbed! I have a quick drink with Tim after work, and head on home, still in shock that I had no meetings that day.

Hobbling a bit less now.

I had to jinx it didn’t I?

Here’s me thinking that my ankle was getting better, till I woke up that morning and the bloody thing had all seized up again.

Hmmm… it was a slow hobble back into work. Grumble, grumble, grumble. But on the plus side, I had yet another meeting free day! Hoorah!

I was happy, but Dorian was concentrating like a mad man at his M-pack creation, working furiously to get it finished before we send to New Zealand for building.

Afterwork, i headed down to the Cruddy bar to meet up with Kate & Pierre, bringing Glen, Sunil & Andrew down from work. Oh Pierre is such an angry swede! šŸ˜‰ but he and Mr Fox soon settled into conversation!

After a while, we were all getting kinda hungry and decided to go for an ‘English’!So, off we go.Chimes it is! Glen, Cameron, myself and Pierre jump in a cab and head straight to Chimes for the blandest thing on the menu;

The English food is brought to our table and we wolf it all down, helped by a couple of jugs of English cider.

And you can see how the cider had an effect on the Ice cold Swede & Kiwi!

Ahhhh…. it was a fun night. After the meal, the boys wandered down to Victoria to catch the tube home, I was really tierd and decided to get a cab instead as the last thing I wanted to do was spend the next hour doing the bus & tube dance.

Home in 20mins.




Oh, it’s a day of washing, cleaning, sorting out mail etc etc. I’ve got to get all this done today as tomorrow is STOKEFEST!!!!!!!

Oh yeah baby.

Hopefully the weather will hold…… but it should be fun day.

My external hard-drive decided to make a weird sound, and poof! It’s doesn’t work anymore.


All my music & photo’s are on that bloody thing. I’ve e-mailed the shop, and wait to hear back from them, hopefully it’s just an internal fuse that’s gone, and they can sort that out. I’m not evening entertaining the thought that I’ve lost all that data.

La la la la la. Not thinking that. La la la la.

As for the rest of today, it’s time to hang up the washing, think about getting my tea and maybe settling down to watch ‘Shaun of the Dead’…..

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