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What a mental time……

So, it’s been a while. But hey guys – I’ve been a very busy, busy, busy girl! And over the next couple of weekends it’s going to be more of the same!

So, lets catch up on what I’ve been up to since the last blog. Well, two Sunday’s ago (and the time of the last blog!), it was Stokefest! It was brill, the weather was great, and it was a real chiller out atmosphere.

I liked the bubble machine!

Mark and I bumped into Teresa (who was supposed to be in Sweden at a wedding, but that’s another story!). Stokefest photo’s can be found at:

After we did a few hours at Stokefest, we decided to head to Mecado’s for some marghareta’s! Oh yes! They do the best, and we just happened to time it right with Happy Hour! Oh yeah baby!

James eventually turned up from his rehersal from his play ‘Amy’s View’, and we had a few more marghareta’s before getting a wee bit peckish! Hmmm….. where to go? Not to fear, since we were all in a thai mood we decided to head up to the Coach & Horses for thai.

Afterwards, James headed home and Teresa, Mark and I decided to pop into the Auld Shillelagh for a wee night cap.

Ohhhhhhhh. My head hurt the next day!

Week 25th September

Well, starting off the week with a sore head… hmmmm. Haven’t done that one before! 😉 I’m trying to remember what I got up to that week!!! Let’s see.

I remember, it was one hell of busy week at work – Monday, it was one of those days. Nothing went right at work. Grrrrrr. But at least there was the evening to look forward too! Tim & I headed up to 56 (still one of my favourite resturants of all time!) at Newington Green

and I had a fab meal of duck foie gras for starters, and Ostrich steak for my main. Fucking nice. Wow. I’d eat Ostrich again!!! It’s soooooooo tasty! And then it was back home for an early night.



That’s all I can say. Hell.

Tim had to get up early. I was in work for 7:30 am.

I don’t do mornings.

I was dying by 9:30am.

This was going to be a very, very, very , very long day. I had the joys of a COINS workshop for the afternoon which didn’t finish until after 5pm. A long day. Heather, Anna & I headed down to Tapsters (Davy’s Wine Bar) for a much needed drink after a session of COINS shit!

Hmmm… it was a late one. Home after midnight.


Long day. Feeling very tierd. Home. Sleep.


Well I feel a lot better after having a quiet one. It was a hectic day sorting loads of stuff out at work and I ended up going for a quick drink with Sunil and Andrew across the road in St Stephen’s Tavern just opposite Big Ben. After that, I was away to head home but Sunil invited me out to his company drinks up at All Bar One on Regents Street.

Big mistake.

Even Joseph was on full strenght pints!

When he started doing push-ups in the middle of the pub, I knew it was time to go!

Me and the two Sunil’s decided that hunger was getting the better of us and it was time to go and indulge in some indian food.

But as you can tell by the pictures above, we were all kinda far gone by that point! But the food was good anyway!


Ouch again I’m afraid.

Head hurting.

At least I’m not in the office today! I head up to the post office to pick up a parcel that had been delivered earlier on in the week. It was an ankle support for my still gammy ankle! I head off with my ankle support in hand down to Church Street to the Blue Legume for breakfast meditarian style!

I get back home, throw clothes into my rucksack and head off down to Euston to catch the train up to blackpool for the Dundee Uni reunion weekend!

Blackpool Weekend

Oh yeah. What a weekend! Gina, John, Joe, Rayne, Malcolm, Amanda, Adrian….. the crew is back together for a weekend of beer, tackyness, flesh and Lionel Vinyal.

Oh yeah Baby!

I jump off the train and meet up with Gina & John for a quick beer before we head to the B&B. After dumping my stuff in the B&B and chillin for a bit, we head to ‘Mama’s’ for a rather bizzarre italian meal with the lights going out every so often….

Full photos of Blackpool can be found at:

Gina & John, Joe & Rayne

Amanda & Malcolm, Me & Adrian

and we ended up in Lional Vinyal’s for cheesy music and cheesy dancing!

Oh Saturday mornings in Blackpool are always fun! :-(.


The B&B we were staying in, has a glasgwegian guy running it and he takes great delight in ringing the bell very loudly at 9am in the morning and talking very loudly, knowing that we are all suffering from the night before!

Adrian went out for his usual haircut in Blackpool, then we all headed down to the seafront. And of course, we all have to pop into Coral Island and play the Camel Derby! Gina and I both won at the Camel Derby!

Then it was onwards to the Pleasure beach! There was the steeple chase, Go-carting, Avalanche, Pasage of Terror and Joe tried the Rope climbing thing, but really didn’t get far……………

After all of that – the hunger pangs were kicking in and we ventured upstairs to the pleasure beach restuarant. Hmmmmmmmm.

I’m not even going in the whole Baked Potatoe scandal! If you want more info, you’ll just have to phone me! Afterwards, it’s time for the traditional Oyster session (and no I don’t take part!), for Rayne, Joe and John. Even Adrian tried it out this time. And no, I’m not even remotely tempted to try Oysters!

Oh, we are getting old! It’s nearly 5pm, and we are all knackered already! Time to head back to the B&B/ f or some R&R before we start the whole beer/food cycle again! We head off for a couple of beers and then onto a chinese we had booked for 8:30pm. We didn’t leave the chinese until after midnight! Again, lots of stories to tell, but it wouldn’t be fair if I told you everything in a blog 😉

After we finally left the chinese it was onto an even tackier Karaoke Bar (Nellie Deans), for more beer and very, very bad dancing and way too much old flesh on show! Oh yeah, Blackpool at it’s best!

Rob, Amanda & Yvonne

Beer. Bad. Old Tarts. Bad. Bloody good night. You need to ask me about the Kebab shop!


It’s Sunday.

Last day.

The usual ‘loud’ breakfast, that I can’t really stomach.

And it’s off to the North Pier to blow away the cobwebs and indulge in some last minute tackyness before heading back to Londonium and civilisation.

Monday 2nd Oct

I’m tierd. I’m very tierd. In recovery mode from Blackpool. Work was busy. Very busy. And it wasn’t going to finish after work. As you see, I had an ‘after hours’ meeting with Joseph and Anna talking about the delights of ‘Performance Management & Data Quality!

Actually, it was a fab time. We met in the Revolution Bar and after a few Vodka Cocktails later it was onto Nusa Dua for some much needed malaysian food. This was Joseph’s first time at Nusa Dua – and by god he loved it!

He sounded like he was almost orgasiming at the taste of the food!

Mark & I were in fits of laughter at this!

And well Anna, well she’s well, just Anna!

And after that, I met up with Tim for a quick drink then off home!


Bad. Bad. Day at work. And none of it was to do with me. Mr Morrish sent an escape e-mail about beers and boy did I jump at that! Steve was meeting Stuart in the Feathers, and did I want to come? Hell yeah!

Several Leffe Blonde’s, I hear all about Steve’s ‘holiday’ in Croatia or not. Sounds like relgious hell!. A Cab ride home and pizza.



Work. Work. Work. But at least I get a lot done today! I leave work early to go buy some Euro’s as I’m flying out to Greece on Friday with Susan. I’m back on Tuesday, but only in the office for two days as I’m flying out to Ireland the next Friday with Teresa & Felicity for a surfing weekend.

Now, take a deep breath……….. I’m not surfing! Teresa & Sandra are! Felicity and I will be in a bar drinking beer!

So, as you’ve guessed I’m going to be a little bit busy for the next couple of weekends and I’m off to James’s play tomorrow!

Busy, busy, busy! I’ll try and update the blog again as soon as possible!

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