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A little bit of this… a little bit of that

Bleh… it’s funny that word, isn’t it?

It just kinda sums up a lot of things, and nothing all at the same time.

So Bleh.

There we go.

A kinda bleh mood. But that’s cause I’m kinda groggy… sore, and back home trying, hoping, praying that my back stops being sore because I’m going to be spending the next few in days in Mordor (Swansea), and the last thing I need to be in Swansea with a sore back and hobbling around the place.

So, it’s been a few days since I’ve updated this thing.. what’s been happening since my hungover Saturday?

Woke up.. felt not so bad.

Sorted out domestics… mail, dishes, washing, tidying.. oh the excitement. A quiet day indeed… not that I was complaining too much, I was in that kind of mood. And fortunately, it was a bumper cheesy 80’s film day on the Telly… all old favourites!

Then we had Flash Gordon
Dive my brave hawkmen!
Gordon’s alive!
I love you Flash… but we only have 14hours to save the earth!
And then Superman II
All and all…. a rather good cheese fest of a day, chilled out with some pizza and wine.
Headed off to work… meetings, meetings, meetings… spent the whole day in meetings, sitting on my ass talking etc.
Now all I did was sit on my ass in meetings or at my desk all day, so how come my back started hurting?
After work I popped into Whitehorse after work with Matthew, Allison, Andrew and Glen for a quick couple of drinks to celebrate Matthew’s 32nd birthday.

After that, we departed our various ways and I headed home. At this point the pain in my back was just a niggling pain, but by the time I got up to Stokey I was limping…  wtf? Where as this come from? It was hurting to walk…. time for more medicinal relief. I popped into the Londesborough, not just for a pint… but
also to sit down.. it hurt.
Of course, got the paper and a pint…

And I actually started feeling a little bit peckish…. thus it’s time for some marinated mushrooms on toast

Didn’t want a full meal.. just a snack and rather tastey I might say…
So, I munched down.. supped a pint, read the paper and listened to the reggie music before making the short journey home….  but not before I popped into the Turkish newsagents… I had a craving…
Can you guess?
What was I craving?
Was in a chocolatey mood……
It just had to be done.
Yum… hadn’t had one of those in ages!
Loved it! Choc Dip in hand… I limp home, play some SL and have a relatively early night.
I woke up with a sore back…..
Had a shower… then a bath to ease the muscles…
Still sore.
Hobbled into work… doped up painkillers… managed to function for most of it, but was feeling really groggy and sore.
Left work early….
Limped back home.
More painkillers and lying down on my bed very uncomfortably.
I can tell it’s going to be a long night… and an even longer few days in Swansea…
Cosmic Karma sucks.

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