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Into the hangover…

What day was it yesterday?



That’s right, Friday. The most favourite day of the week as it’s slides effortlessly into the weekend. What was I up to?

I was doing an excellent impersonation of Billy-no-mates.

Fairly busy day at work, meetings, conference calls, sorting out some DG briefings and responses back to Treasury, but I’d got most of it sorted out by 4:30pm. Finished off the last of the mails, shut down the laptop and thought about heading home. Everyone in the office seemed to be busy with other things, and to be honest I wasn’t really in the mood for talking or spending time with anyone, so I decided it was the trek home.

  • Laptop put away? Check
  • Keys? Check
  • Blackberry? Check
  • iPhone? Check

Everything is in order, so I plug in the iPhone, whack it onto shuffle and leave the office, hop onto the bus, the tube and then the bus again back up to Stokey.

I’d actually made it back to Stokey rather quickly. As I was wandering past the Londesborough, it looked fairly empty… quiet…. I thought “Hmmmm… perhaps I could just sit there for a bit, read the paper… have a pint”

It’s recently been done up and has a whole selection of the old Tennants Lager cans.
Suddenly I’m transported back to my childhood.. back to all the house parties, the 1st foots.
Where Dad and his friends would be drinking tins and tins of the stuff….
Anyway. Thankfully there is no Tennats on tap here, and I plump for a pint of Becks, grab an empty table and flop down with the paper.
I opt for a 2nd pint, watching the world go by, reading the paper, busy on the iPhone tweeting, Facebooking etc etc… and before I know it, it’s gone 8pm and the place starts filling up.. the music gets louder.. and I decide to leave.
I thought I’d be hungry by then but I wasn’t. I’d had enough of the Londesborough and decide to head down to the Shakey, but quickly popped into the newsagents to pick up a copy of Private Eye. I’m gonna need something to read after demolishing the Evening Standard
And there I am, all papered up and in the pub with a pint of Litovel. The pub is kinda busy, but not too hoaching and I’m surrounded by people munchin down on pizza’s from the takeaway place next door.
Still not hungry.
So I sit there alone, sup my pint, read Private Eye and finally notice that there’s a football game on the telly. Watford vs Sheffield Wednesday.
So I sit there alone, sup my pint, read my Private Eye and watch the Watford game, seeing Watford win 4-1 at Vicarage Road. Another pint gone… and another.
I look up from my magazine to see that I’m now surrounded by couples kissing.
I need a Brandy.
Make it a double.
Suddenly I’m all to aware that I’m surrounded by couples and I’m sitting there like Billy-no-mates.
Kinda depressing really.
I slink off home, and continue to be Billy no-mates at home alone… and with my well stocked home bar.
Woke up into the Hangover.
Ocado man came at 10am with the messages.
I just love Ocado!
I unpack the messages, take some nurofen and a pint of juice…. and head back to bed.
Not in the mood for people today. 
One thing did cheer me up, and that was Rob’s link on Facebook to a piss take to the Windows 7 launch

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