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All conferenced out..

Well, that’s me been to two conference’s/talks consecutively in the last two days;

Civil Service Round Table Debate, on “Falling Budgets, and IT in Government” in the Atrium which will be published on the 4th of November. You might even see a picture of me in there…. it was a morning session, then back to the office for in the afternoon for yet more meetings.

Government 2010, lots of discussion panels, debates, good selection of guests, live web streaming and Twitterfeed at #G2010 in the Grange Hotel, near St Pauls Cathedral. That was today… a WHOLE day I spent there

Very plush 5* hotel..

But it’s kinda been none stop… it’s been early 8:30am starts, which just aren’t natural for me and I fear my brain has just kinda fizzled out. Of course it doesn’t help walking up in the morning with a slight Vodka hangover, but thats because I was severely pissed off last night and needed to ‘calm’ down and pass out in my bed before I was tempted to hit something, or someone….. temptation, temptation.

I’m now back home… sufficently shattered and brain dead.

Pondering what to eat, but have realised that I’ve got bugger all food in… although a very well stocked bar.

Do I go out and grab something?
Do I order in?
Do I just not bother and grab a cold beer or perhaps a nice chilled Vodka?

Decisions, Decisions.

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