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Turning 34…

So…. another day… another year….

No longer 33. I’m offically in my mid thirties.

  • Declining youth
  • Declining eyesight
  • Declining hearing
  • Increasing waistband
  • Increasing grey hair

Urgh… is there anything to look forward to in my advancing years? I survived my birthday, but only just. I can’t say it was one of the best birthdays ever… in fact, it was probably the worst birthday I’ve had in a long time ending in an arguement with Tim. Not the best way to start my 34th year on the planet – I hope it’s not an omen of the year to come, because I could really do without that.

But anyway…  I’ve got a weeks worth of catching up to do since I last updated this so I might as well crack on.

After a nice early night and long sleep I head into the office and start going about my business, meetings, emails, meetings etc… I got a phone call from Jim (The Weegie) asking did I want a pint at lunchtime?

Take a guess.

What was my answer?

Of course I went to the pub!

I wander to the Cardinal

For a couple of swift drinks with Jim… although it wasn’t so swift. I had a 2pm meeting with the consultants to discuss my CASSy system and SAP Business Warehouse, but Jim wanted another….  Oooo… Should I stay or should I go?
Against my better judgement I had a quick short and turned up a wee bit late for the meeting. It’s a bit soul destroying to have to explain what you do, and what your system is and how it all links up etc for the millionth time to yet another management consultant who has no idea about what your business is and is being paid probably 4 times your salary to tell you what you already know and how you should do it better, even though you already know what it is that needs to be done, but no-one wants to make the decision.
I think perhaps I’m being too cynical? Yes, I’m certainly in a cynical mood. I must be getting old.
So… once that’s out of the way, it’s another meeting… and another, sort out some mails and I get a call from Anna, she’s in town and did I want to meet up for a drink?
I guess that’s another yes!
I leave the office, Matthew tags along and we go to the Feathers
It’s a quick pint for Matthew and he departs!
Then Anna turns up and she’s straight on a double G&T… looks like she’s had one of those days, and it’s going to be one of those nights! We have a few drinks and it’s time to go grab some food…. of course it’s got to be Italian, I’m with Anna! And as luck would have it, we find one right on Victoria Street..Colosseo.. and munch down on food with more wine… and more wine… and even an Irish Coffee
Then it’s off home… walking slightly less straight than normal and quickly to bed.
Ouchies, ouchies, ouchies.
I can tell it’s going to be a long day.
More meetings, more paperwork, more e-mails. I survive, almost survive, I can see light at the end of the tunnel but it’s painful….. Allison and I exchange glances several times during the afternoon…. there was network issues all day, and it was getting worse… emails were failing, files weren’t saving… and certain people were talking non-stop about it. I swear, paint could be stripped off of the walls with the conversation that was going on…. Allison and I could take no-more and escape to the Barley Mow.
Several drinks, and another few in the Royal Oak and it’s stagger home time.
That’s the theme for this week I guess.
It’s another day of mails, meetings, mails, drafting, redrafting etc and I was SO going to be going home tonight and having an early night.
Well, that was the intention until I get a mail from Jim (The Weegie)…. drink after work?
That’s another night written off. It’s several in the Greencoat Boy, and a couple at Victoria Station. Always a bad idea when you start on the Whisky chasers….. I have a vague recollection of getting home.
Lets just say after late nights out… Thursday was painful. And I spend the whole day sorting out Budget Figures, headcount, skills justification…but managed to actually get quite a lot done and then I went home
I spent my last night on planet earth being 33 years old, snuggled up in bed, watching bad TV, alone and knackered.
Well that’s it isn’t it?
34 today.
34 bleeding years old.
34… into my mid thirties now. No going back now.
I open up the birthday cards from Mum, Dad, Gran and William…. All Pink. The one colour I detest  the most on the planet. I can just tell this day isn’t going to go well, being off to a bad start.
Time to head off to the office, and there’s a card on my desk that a lot of people had signed which is kinda cool. I’m busy sorting out the laptop, seeing what dread lies in my inbox when I hear a voice… a rather loud voice booming through the office.
Jean was wheeling my cake to my desk…. singing at the top of her voice ‘Happy Birthday’. It’s cringe time.
I’m so cringing…. and going bright red.
But the cake is quicky cut up into pieces and my colleagues are decending on it fast like hungry vultures!
The day is spent having jokes cracked at my age, even though I am one of the youngest people in the office on the 4th floor… but it’s all fairly good natured and I move what’s left of the cake into the fridge before I head to the pub for my birthday drinks at 4pm. Let the fun begin….
So, off I go down the road with Allison and Steve… then the crowds started pouring in;
Tim (yes he turned up…)
Tim Green
Andrew (Vicki’s man)
It was great that so many people turned up – and I was having a great time. I got some cards, drinks, drinks, drinks…. and Tim even bought me a present…2 actually..

Continuing the tradition of buying me bizarre kitchen implements for my birthday even though I am totally useless in the kitchen….




a pen…

It’s a nice pen…. … it’s a pen… it also writes as well.
And I got another pink card.. infact 5 out of my 8 cards have pink in them…. Hmmm…. So, the crowd slowly dissapates… I was thinking of food at some point but then Tim and I start talking, which quickly unfolds into an arguement, and it’s not nice. I don’t need this, but somehow we eventually head home (with no food) and he more or less passes out straight away on the bed. And there’s me… left alone, TV on with Tim snoring away and I’ve got a bottle of Brandy for comfort and in a flood of tears.
What a way to end my Birthday. As birthdays go… this was kinda shit.
I wake up early… he’s gone, the sound of the door shutting woke me up.
I try and go back to sleep but end up tweeting away… eventually slipping back into sleep and wake up late, but it was needed. I feel crap, and slowly work my way through a can of coke and a couple of digestive biscuits to feel semi human.
Of course, to make me feel even better about myself with the wonderous start to my 34th I awoke with a painful swollen lip.
^^ That’s not me…. but bloody hell my lip hurts.
It’s a bloody painful coldsore right smack bang in the middle of my lower lip…. I feel like Mick Jagger with my lip swollen and sore. Just what I needed to boost my already fragile self esteem.

So with the lip hurting like hell and me applying lashings of Zovirax

I try and become more human…..before I head out for the afternoon. Felicity’s in London and we arrange to meet up in Mercado’s.. an old Mexican haunt of ours for some post birthday Margarita’s… 5 of them 😉

and the food was just wicked..
I got some enchilladas de mole
Felicity went for the Mexican Crepes
and then we had lots of Margarita’s!
And after the disaster that was my Birthday, it was just the pick me up I needed. It was good to see Felicity, we caught up on all the old news, who’s doing who, who’s had the worst dating disasters etc. I didn’t realise it had been nearly 2 years since we’d seen one another, but the time just slipped away when we met up and quickly eased into the conversation.
3 and a bit hours later we finally leave the Mexican place and head our seperate ways home.
In the pissing rain…..
I got drenched. And I mean soaked! But I’m home now… drying out, slipped into my PJ’s and it’s time to open a bottle of wine with Inspector Morse on the TV.
Rock ‘n’ Roll.
Will this be how the rest of my 34th year on planet earth is going be?
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2 thoughts on “Turning 34…

  1. Buck up yung'n. I hear tell that there are people in China even older than yourself. Besides it's quite possible to be young and have a rotten time as well.Perhaps it is not necessary for us to buy into the culture of youth being so amazing? It's so easy to do with pop culture bombarding us with messages about youth and beauty being synonymous of course.If this is too abstract and philosophical then try standing next to somebody older than you; might make you feel younger :pTake care, Stuart.P.S How can you dislike pink you old mince bag? In fact I saw a Hello Kitty card which I almost sent you.P.P.S Now there's a positive model of being old for you… *sings* "Stand back superman, iceman, spiderman…"

  2. Baskers on said:

    …. You would DARE to send me a Hello Kitty card?I would so be heading up north and giving your arse a good kicking for that!;-)

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