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A few things of interest..

In amoungst my week of angst and turning 34 there were a few things that perked my interest:

1. Best News Line ever;

Courtesy of Stephen Fry

2. Possibly the scariest news headline I’ve seen in quite a while in the Sun Newspaper (and no, I don’t read it!);

Shredding Tackle

“Helen Hodge, 34, was accused of mangling Billy Duncan’s privates with her bare hands after accusing him of cheating on her.”

Gotta love Dundonians…. even with our bare hands we are a force to be reckoned with!

3. The G-Cloud, the future of Public Sector IT?  The ICT Strategy on one page!

The G-Cloud, Shared Services, Green IT – all ambitious stuff

4.  And, finally… My ex Director General has a new job, that is sparking some interest “Westminster’s More appoints Moorhouse Director of Finance, opps!”

Take a look at the article if you want… I fear the tax payer could be facing a heft pay-off/redunancy bill at sometime in the near future, if the track record is anything to go by.
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