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  1. Cooking isn’t my strong point, as much as I love good food I’m not that much of a success in the kitchen when trying to pull a dish together. However, luckily for me my other half is a damn fine cook and he regularly pulls of minor miracles in the kitchen department

    Of course, what helps turn average dishes into a galaxy of taste sensations is having fresh herbs for ingredients. 
  2. Now, we don’t have a garden, but we do have a couple of windowsills. More than adequate to grow some fresh herbs. Especially when you can get a wee herb tray from Ocado
  3. Then all you need is to add some Fresh Herbs from the Ocado Growing Range, where you can get;

    – Flat Parsley
    – Curly Parsley
    – Mint
    – Thyme
    – Coriander
    – Basil
    – Greek Basil
  4. Whack them in the Herb tray, feed and water regularly (every 1-2 days), I also spray the leaves with water as the herbs do tend to get a wee bit dry with staying in doors, and of course once a week clear out any dead leaves, trim the weaker leaves away and you’ll end up with something like this…
  5. That’s my lovely Flat & Curly Parsley, Thyme and an old Basil plant
  6. This is my spectacular Mint plant. I bought this over 2 months ago and it’s still going strong, you can see all the new shoots coming through and brings such a lovely smell to the living room.
  7. And finally, here’s the monster Basil plants. There are just as old as the mint plant that sits in the living room and as you can see, it’s healthy, full and bursting with Basil.
  8. If I ever do get to live in a house that has a garden you can bet that it’s going to be stuffed full of fresh herbs & veg. Why on earth wouldn’t you?
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