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A few wee things for @Cyberdoyle

  1. Today, I finally got to meet in the flesh a long time friend who I’ve only ever known through Twitter. But through Twitter I’ve gotten to know that she loves a cup of tea, doesn’t partake in the old alcohol (I do enough of that for both of us!), is determined to get proper broadband to the rural communities and like me, is a lover of all things geek & tech.
  2. It was so fab to finally meet her, just a shame it was too short as she did have to rush off to ISPA Awards Ceremony :
  3. Where’s she’s up for the Internet Hero Award for her work with B4RN, bringing Broadband to the Rural North
  4. *fingers crossed*

  5. But before she ran off, we did get a wee chance to talk tech, swap our likes and loves for all things shiny and thus why I’m putting this little list together as I promised to send her the links of some of the things I’m using and will be looking to use in the future. So, here we go…..
  6. Kickstarter
  7. This is a website that I just know I’ll get into trouble for recommending. I’ve showed a few friends this website and now they cant stop funding projects! It’s a place were people come up with an idea, but need to get funding to make it happen. Think of it like a crowd sourcing version of Dragons Den. Only those projects that reach their funding goal actually get the money, and you can choose how much you want to fund the project of your choice with it’s associated reward.

    Projects cover anything and everything, but I normally keep an eye out for the tech & design projects, specifically those projects that can help enhance my iPhone & iPad. 
    So Chris, here’s a few things that have caught my eye and you might be interested in to:
  8. Apps:

    A couple of cool Apps I like using on the iPad/iPhone are:
  9. It’s a cool way of saving bookmarks when you are on the move, you can have it on your iPhone/iPad and PC/Laptop/MacBook, all syncing up and so easy to use. 
  10. This is a cool App if you are wanting to take notes in a meeting or lecture. Using your finger or a stylus you can write and the App recognised your handwriting and turns it into text. Such a time saver if you often have to write notes up!
  11. And last but not least… there’s this:
  12. The price is wrong, it’s actually £14.95. And a bargain at that. I’ve got one for my iPad and it’s brilliant. It’s gives protection for the corners and with a hardback case to protect it from knocks, and the smart cover is built in all in one. Brilliant. 
  13. So, there you go @Cyberdoyle. Hopefully there’s a few things there to tickle yer fancy 🙂
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