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What a week so far!

Sheesh.. as I write this, I’ve not long got back home from the pits of Mordor.. otherwise known as Swansea. Sooooooo, it’s been a few days since I last updated this thing, what have I been up to I hear you whisper. Well… let me rack my brains, thinking back through alcohol fuelled nights out and hungover mornings.

It was a busy day in work, lots of polishing up of presentations, sorting out various bits of paperwork… and a software demonstration from my suppliers of the CASSy system, Information Edge . Once the demo was completed Vilosh wanted to take us out for a drink.

The thing is it’s never just a drink with Vilosh, you think I’d have learnt by now….. We Allison, Matthew, Latha, Glen, Vilosh and I head down to the Westminster for a ‘small’ drink. We ask for a glass of wine… back comes a bottle of wine.. and another. Tim eventually turned up, the wine flowed… and then it was decreed that food needed to be ingested. And of course, with a restaraunt just pratically next door. Yup, you’ve guessed it…. we poured ourself into Shepherds. Now I’d never been there before, it’s a posh place… full of white middle to upper class peoples…. and *hundreds* of pictures of Michael Caine.

Even in the ladies toliets… there’s Michael Caine, looking down at you…

Think I had Scallops, Grouse, some desert thing… all washed down with various amounts of Wine and Port. I say I ‘think’ because I struggle to remember, by the end of the night it was all rather ‘fuzzy’ and I vaugely remember pouring myself into a cab…

Several small trips to pray to the porcelin god were made during the night.

My head hurt.

My stomach hurt.

My head hurt.

I crawled painfully into work… painfully sat in meetings and finished off a presentation… then crawled home.

My head still hurt.

I actually felt human today. Thank god.

Left the office and caught the 2:45 train to Mordor… err, sorry Swansea.

Now, the rest of my team were supposed to on that train… I’d had to leave the office early and get a cab up to Paddington myself, thinking I’d meet them on the train. Hmmmm… no, I get on the train, by myself and don’t see them.

I send them all a text.

No response.

Send another text.

Finally get a response… errr…. still in the office, month end had gone wrong.

I was getting suspicious of this… month end had been resolved, what were they playing at? It turns out they were playing a trick on me. They were on the train, further up in cattle class and had thought they’d try and be funny.

Ha ha.

So, I go along with it.

When I arrive at the Dragon Hotel, Andrew was just leaving the building… on his way to go meet them in the Adam and Eve bar…. I did wonder how he timed it so right in leaving the hotel just as I was arriving. That further set my alarm bells ringing. Something was going on here.

And it was!

I wait in the hotel bar for Andrew to come back and then Allison, Matthew, Karen and Andrew all turn up at once!… Cheeky sods.

Once the girls FINALLY get all tarted up and make-up done, we end up in a wee Italian on Wynd Street where Allison again has lamb shank and manages to befriend the old Italian waiter. We’d only just started the evening and the flirting has started.

Next we retire to ‘rock’ bar and attempt to become the pinball wizard. Of course, it was yours truely that kicked ass and became the pinball Queen with a 350million score on the pinball machine completely blowing the competition out of the water. That would be my mis-spent youth giving me some advantages there… all those hours on the puggy machines 😉

Then we end up in the Reflex Bar – a dodgy 80’s bar in Swansea… much dancing, many people in super hero costumes and I seem to recall doing a spot of Pole dancing… and even dancing to the timewarp.

Matthew departs… I depart (around 1ish) as I’ve got the presentration to deliver in the morning and don’t want a big fat head, leaving Allison and Karen and Andrew dancing… I heard Andrew even tried his hand at Pole dancing….

I get back to the hotel.. stupidly log onto SL to be dragged into a meeting. Shut everything down at 2am and go to sleep.

I wake up just fine. Grab some toast and porridge for breakfast. Everyone else is rather worse for wear.

Got through the presentation okay worked some more on the Change Request for the Clear Line of Sight Project… got a cab to Neath Station (which also doubles as Mordor), then caught the train back to civilisation.

Once back in civilisation crawled through a wet and damp London via the worlds slowest taxi to get me here. Where I am now… TV on in the background… thinking about what to eat… thinking about opening a bottle of wine.

At least it’s the weekend.

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