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A Strange Saturday Night…


There I was, having a fairly quiet Saturday until Jay contacts me.

Drinks? Dinner?

How could I refuse? Of course I didn’t. I head down to Denmark Street to meet up with him at 7pm, well that was the plan…  there was a fire on the road, the buses weren’t moving  so off I got and walked. All was going well, nearly there… just had to cross over at the lights then I noticed a bloke standing beside me.

  • Grey suit
  • Briefcase
  • and………and… a pyrimad hat.
Yup… that’s what he was wearing… I can tell that this is going to be a strange night.
So, off I go and meet up with Jay on Denmark Street. I needed to nip to a cash point, the queue was bloody horrendous but just as I was getting to cashpoint… a whole flock of Hari Krishna’s walked past:
This night is just getting stranger….
So, cash in hand we head off for a much needed beer and head off to Peter Parkers Rock n’Roll club for a couple, then I take Jay for a wander around Seven Dials, Covent Garden until we bump into a 53ft inflatable Silver Bunny
Could my night get any weirder?
Obviously is can. Another quick drink is required to soothe the nerves in the Punch & Judy then we head off for another stroll around Covent Garden’s, showing Jay the sites etc…. before we settle down for some food at Cafe Rouge.
I had:
Fritôts de Camembert
Bavette 8oz – Medium/Rare with a Peppercorn sauce
Jay had:
Champignons de Paris

Bavette 8oz – Medium/Rare

AND… I introduce Jay to his very first cheeseboard!

Full of smelly cheeses!
Jay tries his very 1st Cheese Board
One day… when he grows up he’ll learn to love it.
And to add to the strangeness of the night. As we are eating, a bunch of blokes dressed up in Golf Gear walk past the window;

Yet more weirdness
So, after we polish off dinner we head up to the 12 Bar late night drinks, but I’m tired… and Satan’s cock is above my head;
Only manage a couple and then it’s off home… Not before I get more weirdness. A bloke in drag just like Madonna….
and then I head off home. Well, I would be home sooner if the damn bus turns up. The no. 73 takes forever to turn up, then 3 turn up at once. What’s that they say about London buses?
Home. Bed. Sleep around 2am.
Today, is going to be a quiet day. Domestics, washing etc etc. Watch some True Blood Season 2
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