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Meh.. Sunday and Monday’s

Yesterday was what you’d call a quiet day….  recovering from the strangeness of Saturday night. I’d done some domestics, sorted out e-mails, bills, laundry… a day of domestics indeed. I even scrubbed the Kitchen floor clean.

I so want a cleaner.

So that was that, Sunday a nice boring day. Roll on Monday.

Now this is a better day indeed.

I sort out some mails in the office etc, put a few things in motion and then I’m off for the rest of the day as I’ve got a luncheon date with Geoff, Anna and Heather in the National Dining Rooms in the National Gallery. Anna unfortunately has too pull out, but Geoff, Heather and I continue on and settle down to a very nice lunch of;

  • Slow cooked Grampound duck terrine with Scottish girolle mushrooms and damson chutney for starter
  • Meadows Home Farm lamb rack and braised shoulder with caramelised baby turnips for main
  • Washed down with a couple of bottles of Macon-Village, Louis Jadot, Burgundy, France 2007 and some sparkling water
 It was fantastic meeting up with the both of them, chewing the fat and catching up with all the various bits of gossip in Government and Whitehall….  and then we depart, Geoff has a conference call and Heather as to go speak with some consultant guy.
I head off home, to find that I’d missed a parcel delivery… annoying. I’ve arranged for it to be redelivered as I’m busy at a workshop on Wednesday and out the office the rest of the week, so tomorrow is really the only day. UPS bitched and moaned… but if they don’t deliver, well…  it’s also a pain in the ass for them. Thus tomorrow, it’s working from home and waiting on a parcel delivery. At least I have everything I need here, got all the necessary files, getting the excel files delivered to me tomorrow to help finish off the RFC so I can get that done and out of the with way with hopefully relatively little distraction.
 A quiet night for me tonight.
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