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Catch up and a change of location


Hullo, Hullo, Hullo from up North! I’m back in the motherland.. the land of;

Deep Fried Haggis
Deep Fried Mars Bars
Deep Fried Pizza

But anyway.. that’s now. What have I been up to since I last updated this blog? Lets see if I can rewind my foggy brain and remember what I’ve been up to.


Nothing much. Worked from home, got my Emergency RFC 99% written for sending off to DfT’s Shared Services on Wednesday. I was quite chuffed at breaking the back of that and getting it to the finished state.

Also managed to work on the Mad Scientist’s Lair in Second Life on Mayday Island… a new Role Play project I’m starting up a few others. It’s nothing like the RP I currently do in NoR .. it’s not post apocolyptic, it’s set on an Island and will have a basic, simple combat meter set up. Interesting to see how this develops.

And… it was an early night. Gosh, shock, horror I hear you say.. but it was needed. Intense concentration throughout the day, and I have an early start on Wednesday

I’m up early.

I don’t do early.

I’m struggling and really hating travelling at this time in the morning .. i.e  8am.  It’s not the time that bothers me that much, it’s the sheer volume of people.

I don’t like crowds, I hate crowds. I’m mildly claustraphobic and travelling on the London Transport system at rush hour stresses me out, and I start feeling sick and panic’y… hard to breathe… the bus is taking forever.. the tube is crowded and I’m hemmed into a corner staring at people’s armpits because I am such a short arse. I just need to get out, get off the tube and see sky again.

I eventually get to Victoria, and can breathe. I take a slow walk to DfT Southside on Victoria Street and try and regain my centre of calmness and open space. Time to launch into the 4hour workshop on Treasury’s Clear Line of Sight Project. It was a successful workshop, got the testing framework set out and underway, with the build work starting next week.

Back to the office to work on the remainder of the ERFC to send across to Shared Services. I get that out the way, sorted out a couple of things then shut down the laptop, switched my out of office on then left the building to meet up with Jay in the Brass Monkey for a couple.

 We then switch to the Elusive Camel for another.. a god awful bar, and we won’t be going back to any time soon.

It really is god awful.. bouncers on the door. Why do people go there?

Hunger pangs kick in and I take Jay to Loco Mexicano for his very 1st Mexican.

And so, of course I make him try a margarita
Oooo… it’s got a bit of a kick to it
But I think he likes it.

Yes, it really was his very first Mexican….. after we nosh down on some good scran, it’s into the Prince of Wales for a nightcap.

We watch England win 3-0 against Belarus then off home.


I’m up obscenely early. The alarm goes off at 5:50am


Cause I need to leave the house for 6:50am, catch the 76 Bus down to Bank, to then hop onto the DLR to London Airport to catch my 8:55am flight to Dundee!

It’s a tiny plane.

There’s only 9 of us on the flight….
We make good time, arrive early at Dundee but there’s a problem….  Birds on the runway.
Now when I say runway… it’s not what you’d call Heathrow, Gatwick or Stanstead… it’s more like a strip of tarmac next to a cowshed.
We have to circle around Dundee for 10-15mins while they scare the birds off of the runway…..
Eventually we land, I hop into a taxi and make my way to the parents house.. home in 10mins.
I hadn’t told the parents that I was coming so it was a big surprise… texted all my friends to let them know I was back in Dundee, and started making the arrangements to meet up. Spent the day in the house, Farrah and wee Cameron came over… and wee Cameron has grown since the last time I saw him back in June. He’s gonna be a big laddie!
Rob came over at 7:20 to pick me up, we drove to Murray’s and picked him up then headed down town for a few drinkies.
  • 1st stop was Tonic where  a pint of Coke for Rob, G & T for Murray and a bottle of Stella for me. Or as Murray puts it… a dyke drink.


  • 2nd stop was the DCA for this time a glass of wine for me (less of a dyke drink?), a pint of Lemonade for Rob and another G &  T for Murray


  • Final stop was the Playwright for a few Whisky Cocktails
The boys enjoy another few G & T’s and Orange Juice;
While I have a few drinkies as well
Rather nice 🙂
And after that little night cap we all head off home.  I watch some Sex in the City then head off bed around midnight.
I have a relatively long lie..Farrah and Graham bring Cameron over to Mum and Dad’s where he will be staying until Sunday, whilst Farrah and Graham head off for a wee break child free up to Inverness.
He’s a rather big laddie.. gonna be 2yrs old in February
I sort through some work mails whilst the bairn is playing, making noise, having a paddy… and now he’s sound asleep with Classic FM playing in the background. Peace and Quiet for an hour or so..
Time to get back to my Friday 🙂
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