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A hell of a Friday night.. and a wee walk on Saturday afternoon

Oh it’s been fun…..

It’s been a hell of a time, that’s involed drinking games, locked flats, pillow fights, severed breasts, walks on the beach, twins… and cramps.

But of course that’s not going to make much sense to any of you so, so I guess I’ve got some explaining to do. Full photos at DundeeOct09SurpriseVisit


So.. after I’d survived being Cameron Jacked for most of the day, I left Mum and Dad with Cameron and wandered down the Hilltown to meet up with Murray down the bottom of the Hilltown at 3:30pm. We were going to head to Colin’s house, drink some wine, watch and episode of ‘Nip and Tuck’ before Vickie got home and then head out.

Or so that was the plan, but as with most things that involve me… they never go much to plan. But hold yer horses there, I’m getting away from myself. So lets rewind…  I walked down the Hilltown, and when your walking down the Hilltown you see such ‘interesting’ landmarks like the;

The famous Dundee ‘peh’ shop
But it was closed.
Next I wander past the Police Station…
Also closed…
Then I walk past the multi’s on Alexander Street… I use to live just below them
In a house just like this… one of those flats. Joy.
As I continue my walk down the Hilltown, I pass one of Tim’s favourite landmarks…
The ‘Hilltown’ Chinese… if you look real closely, there’s a tiny serving grill surrounded by wire meshing. Such a lovely place…..
And I continue my walk down the road…. almost there, should finally get down the bottom soon
and then I notice this…
Even the ‘Credit Crunch’ has struck Dundee!
As I said, an interesting walk down the road. I meet up with Murray, and we head to the Town House for a quick drink ;
before we nip into the Tesco Metro by the Wellgate to pick up supplies. And when I say supplies I mean… Gin, Vodka, Tonic and Coke.
And off we go to Colin’s house… although Colin wasn’t there… and the closey door was shut. So there’s Murray and I standing in the doorway, with the kerryoot waiting on Colin turning up from Work.
And so we stand…..
And wait……
And stand…..
And wait…..
Yay! Finally Colin turns up.
But he forgot his keys.
We eventually get into the closey and are left waiting by his door for Vickie to turn up. Three phone obsessed people waiting, so of course we all whip our phones out and start fiddling with them.
Who’s got the biggest one??!!
Eventually Vickie turns up and lets us all in. She hits the showers while the three of us setting down to a glass of red wine, and watching Nip and Tuck.
Oh gawd.
I’ve never really watched Nip and Tuck before, but bloody hell… it only happened to be the episode where a wifie severs off her own breast with an electric carving knife. All three of us where curled up on the couch, screaming our heads off at watching the scene, having no idea that it was going to happen…. 3 screaming Queens on the sofa.
Of course, Vickie heard none of the screams and joins us later on the sofa completely oblivious to our obvious shock and trauma.
Colin is shocked by Vickie’s online shopping bill from Ann Summers.
And so the night begins.
The ‘dice’ came out… and the drinking game had begun. Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd this is going to be an evening and a half. Now, I’d never played this game before and I’m relaying it to you now through the drunken haze of yesterday.
You have 2 dice.
You throw 2 dice.
There’s a scoring system.
I think it goes something like this;
  • If you get a 2 = snake eyes, a double.. means you have to take 2 sips of your drink


  • If you get a 3 = everybody has to take a drink, all exect you


  • If you get a 4 = the person to the left of you has to take a drink


  • If you get a 5 = the person to the right of you has to take a drink


  • If you get a 6 = you have to nominate someone to take a drink


  • If you get a 7 =  Everyone has to take a drink, and clink their glasses together


  • If you get an 8 = you become the ‘thumb master’. This entails you putting your thumb onto the table… the last person to put their thumb on the table has to take a drink


  • If you get a 9 = You have to roll again, and whatever number you get, is the number of sips you have to take


  • If you get a 10 = it’s a forefit, and you have to pick a forefit from one of the options on the drinking cards


  • If you get an 11 = You are the drinks slave and have to serve everyone their drinks


  • If you throw a double at anytime you have to take 2 sips


As you can imaging… we drank a lot, some more than others 😉 I wasn’t actually too bad… I was more suffering with cramps, being it the vile awful time of the month that it was.
There was dancing involved…
Colin shows us how to do the Time Warp
Put your hands on your hips
There was a lot of dancing like that…
And so we continued on with the drinking game.. and the sillyness continued… including one of my forefits which was to start a pillow fight with the host’s pillows….
Which of course I excel at…
There were many pillows…
and eventually we came to our senses and settled back down to the drinking game
We carry on the sillyness for a while, then head down to ‘Out’ for the boys and girls to jump around and pose to the music. I don’t.
Never been a fan of clubs.. the whole, noise, cramped, pounding baselines…  I’m a bit tired, sore with the cramps, but it’s great being out with the guys and gals.. but eventually I have to admit defeat, say my goodbyes, and jump into a cab home.. it’s around 1:30am.
I get home, head straight to bed and sleep.
Or so I thought so… 3am, severe cramps.
4am..cramps… I take some painkillers
5am.. cramps…
6am.. cramps…
7am.. cramps..
8am.. cramps..
9am.. take more painkillers and head downstairs to curl up on the sofa and drink some juice slowly.
Mum and Dad wake Cameron out to the park, William goes to the gym and I stay curled up on the couch, watching some Babylon 5 rocking back and forth wishing that the womb and uterus could be ripped out. Around 11:30 the pain starts subsiding and I get dressed, call a cab to head down to Jollys to meet up with Gillian (an old friend from when I used to work in the School Wear Shop) and her man Steve, and their two twins Holly and Libby (around 2 yrs old)
We do lunch, then head down to the water front for a wee walk.
And off we go!
Heading towards Broughty Ferry Castle
A gorgeous day, looking out to Tayport
The girls loved seeing the boat being towed back into the harbour by the swimmer
Gillian & Steve play with the girls in the wee park whilst I take a wander along the beach
Then head back towards the castle and park to catch back up with Holly, Libby, Gillian and Steve.
I say my goodbyes, the bairns are getting a wee bit girney with all the fresh air and playing on the swings etc in the park….  walk them back to the car, and head off back home.
More painkillers, I’m still suffering… something to eat, something to drink. Mum, Dad, William and Cameron come back after an afternoon in the park, and I’m back out again at 7pm to meet up with Cari and Susan (later on) in Tickety Boos.
Till then 🙂
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