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Bar hopping in Dundee


Off I go down to Tickety Boos to meet up with Cari.

I wander in.. no sign of Cari, head to bar and grab myself a Becks and find a seat around the back of the bar. The bar wasn’t too busy, full of nattering Dundonians and the football on in the background.
Cari arrives soon after and it’s straight onto the bluebolls
And of course, it wouldn’t be Cari without her typical trademark pose;
Much better!!
We finish up in Tickety Boos and have a wander up Commerical Street and pop into the Old Horseshoe Bar
Which was absolutely empty…. and with the prices it was charging, £5.10 for a bottle of Becks and Blue WKD??!!.. Okay, so I’m used to London prices and it didn’t shock me too much, but Cari… well, I almost had to pick her up off the floor. We quickly finish our drinks in there and wander around to the Counting House.
It might be a JD Weatherspoons….
But it was absolutely hoaching… this is were everybody in Dundee must be. And at £3.54 for the same round, a Becks and Blue WKD you can probably guess why. Now, I’m used to seeing all manner of things weird and wonderful in London… especially after that weird Saturday night, but it seems to be catching.
Whole crowds of people turned up in Golf Gear, and fancy dress??!!… Students. And our conversation seems to have turned to the strange about ginger people…
Cari’s face is a picture when she realises that there’d be ginger pubes involved.

Of course I’m killing myself laughing at Cari’s realisation..
and trying not to spill my drink!
We give up waiting on Susan and Shona turning up and wander on over to the Balcony Bar. It’s bloody freezing up North, but its good to be back in the Balcony.
Susan and I used to drink there *years* ago… back when we were 16..17… it’s a blast from the past and loud Rock, Indie, Metal etc.
We settle down, get comfy seats and await the impending arrival of Susan & Shona. Shona arrives… absolutely plastered and plonks down beside me… I could smell the fumes.
but Susan was totally sober, and it was grand meeting up with her
and chewing the fat so to speak.
Shona wanders off at somepoint leaving the three of us chatting away. Susan was telling me her and Simon are almost ready to get their EP with 4 songs into circulation.. Gloria Storey is the band that she put together and it’s some pretty chilled out listening.
We continue to chatter on, drinks flowed and before we knew it, it was chucking out time gone midnight… trapesing downstairs to finish off our drinks and I spotted this;
I saw these guys at the Download Festival a couple of years go down at Donnington… wicked. And they are playing in Dundee! Oh how I would love see those guys again but alas it’s not to be.
Susan tries a Haysee Dixie mugshot…
LOL… maybe not.
We eventually leave the pub into the cold night air… and it is cold, bloody cold… nipple freezing cold. Susan heads home, she did invite Cari and I back… but being honest, with not getting a good sleep the night before and still kinda suffering with the cramps, I decline. As much as I wanted to… I really needed just to get home and sleep.
Of course when in Dundee… you can’t just go home without some lardy food to round the night off. Time for a Dundee special from the Corfu kebab shop.. Kebab for Cari… and Cheesy chips for me
Pure unadulterated lard….
Although one of the food reviews leaves a lot to be desired.
You’ll find this place queued out after the nightclubs close. It’s very popular as it’s cheap and quick. The menu mainly consists of greasy burgers, pizzas, chips and kebabs.


I got food poisoning after having a spicy chicken pizza here so be careful. Stick with the red meat.
Home. Bed. Sleep.
I sleep late…
Cameron is up, dressed, Thomas and Bob the Builder are blaring on the TV.
wee Cameron snuggled up with Dad watching Thomas the Tank Engine
Finally, Farrah and Graham turn up after their break up in Inverness to take Cameron back home
I think Farrah and Graham are more excited about it than wee Cameron!
They depart, I jump in the shower before heading off to visit my Grandad Jeff.
Cheeribye for now.


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