Baskers World

Londonium beckons


Yes, it’s true. I’m hoping onto a plane and flying back to the Big Smoke this afternoon…. but I have just enough time to update this thing before I head off.

So where did I leave you?

Oh yes, I had just survived Cameron, Farrah and Graham, and was away off to visit my Grandad. We all piled into the car, and went to vist my Grandad in the complex he’s now in.

There’s no getting away from it. It’s an old folks home.

There’s a hint of urine in the air.

I didn’t like it.

It was great seeing Grandad again, but it was also rather painful. He’s old.. very thin, and it was hard seeing him like that. Surrounded by other old folks that smell, lost their marbles…

I swear if I ever end up in that state, take me out and shoot me. I’d never want to end up in a home. The thing was, the place that Grandad was in. It’s a nice place. The nurses are pleasent, it’s got all the mod cons. It’s a new build, very well laid out… it’s just… just…. not a place I’d ever want to end up in. Knowing that you will probably, more than likely die there. Surrounded by lots of other people on their last legs.


We leave.

I promise Grandad I’d be back up to see him at Christmas time.

So… to ease the trauma of being in that place, Mum and Dad drive me up to a place called BM? I’d never heard of place… no idea what it was.


They’ve taken me to a Chav superstore! I walk into the door and am greeted by;

Fecken Christmas thingies…
We haven’t even had Halloween yet… or Guy Fawkes….
I quickly escape the horror and wait by the car for parents. I don’t do shopping… and I certainly don’t do Chav supermarkets. It’s vile, it’s…it’s…’s just…  words escape me.
To get over yet another trauma I arrange to meet up with Pricee up in Frews;
A nice little local just 5mins up the road from the parents house
We arrive at the pub at the same time and it’s straight to the bar for a can of Irn Bru and a pint of Carlsberg for me.
Typical Pricee pose.
And we settle down to the banter, catch up on everything that had been happening since I last saw him around Christmas time last year I reckon…. and there was also the surprise of Gordon and Billy turning up!
Gordon’s gonna be in London on Thursday at some Games Developer confernece… hopfully meet up if we can.
And Billy, has just become a Dad! Sammy gave birth to Dillon John Thomson, 7lbs 5ozs. And he’s got to juggle fatherhood with his job at Ruffian Games as their Creative Director.
We sink quite a few beers in… I stagger home to the parents, watch something on TV then go to bed.
I’m up, I’m dressed, packed and Susan is coming to pick me up in 5mins to go for an early lunch before I catch my flight home.
Arrrrgghh… it really is in 5mins time, but Susan is usually late. Knowing my luck she’ll turn up early or on time, so I’d better shut the laptop down!
See you soon.
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