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Back in the big smoke

So there I go.

Susan turned up, I said my goodbyes to Dad and off we went down to the Pancake Place for an early Scottish breakfast;

Susan munches down to a healthy Scottish Breakfast… *coughs*
We have a nice wee catch up and we pop back to her house to use the ‘facilities’ before she drops me off at Dundee Airport and we say more goodbyes.
I hate saying goodbyes. Never liked them.
And talking about things I hate. Airport Security.
Now remember, Dundee Airport… the hub of international terrorisim… with huge amounts of passengers, booze, drugs etc coming through every day. Armed guards everywhere, sniffer dogs everywhere… Bollocks.
It’s a strip of tarmac and a cowshed.
To get over the trauma of the security checks I help myself to the complimentary drinks on board the plane…. I think I was a bit drunk on red wine by the time we landed. Straight to the toilet, then onto the DLR, then the bus… and home.
Here I am, home in Londonium and kinda well…. down. A tad bit homesick already.
Perhaps more wine this evening will help?
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8 thoughts on “Back in the big smoke

  1. Pancakes! Yum. 🙂 I made some tonight actually, filled em with salmon, crème freshe and sautéed leek (which was all I had left in the fridge) Surprisingly good combination.You do look a bit like a terrorist… It's the madness in the eyes that does it. Of course imagine the terrible situation of the person asking you to remove your boots. What a rotten job, asking people to take their shoes off all day would suck; unless you had a sock fetish of course.Wine always helps.

  2. Baskers on said:

    *glares at you*I 'look' like a terrorist?Imma gonna kick your arse laddie!:-P

  3. Stuart on said:

    That's just what a terrorist *would* say. Quad erat demonstrandum and all that…

  4. Baskers on said:

    Silence…. I keeeeeeeeeel you!

  5. Stuart on said:

    lifts up his voice and sings a carol(and yes they do have adverts the shops already damn them)

  6. Baskers on said:

    *pokes you in the eye*

  7. Stuart on said:

    I keeeeeeeeeel you!

  8. Baskers on said:


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